Punjabi Style Malai Kofta

By on August 3, 2016

Woah! It’e been a whiiiiile, hasn’t it? But like I said in our Cucumbertown Monthly update, I have a good enough excuse for going missing. There was the whole getting married thing you see, and like all things that seem to happen to me, the wedding was not short of drama too. But I’m not going to bore you with all that, especially when I have food stories to share with you!

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Crustless Baby Potato and Broccoli Quiche in a Skillet and Tips on How to Clean Your Cast Iron Cookware

By on June 3, 2016

Do you have those moments when you simply know what something should taste like? I mean when you are 100% sure of the flavour combination, but have zero clue on the actual recipe itself? I certainly have a LOOOT of of those recipe epiphanies, when I can imagine the taste in my head and need to work backwards. This recipe is a product of that, and I must say, I have to credit those grey cells of mine.

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Tea Spiced Indian Chicken Curry and How to Tenderize Chicken for Curries

By on May 30, 2016

Readers, are you a little bewildered at this vegetarian-for-a-year posting about chicken curries? Well first, this was not for me, it was for my extremely carnivorous maternal uncle, who thinks anything vegetarian put on his plate is meant for the pig farm (thats where the food waste in our apartment complex goes to, you see). So this morning he peeked into my apartment and asked if I could at least make the non vegetarian stuff even if I wasn’t eating it, in this bribe with God (the vegetarianism was a payoff for getting both sides of the R&r families to stop warring like maniacs about the wedding). When I assured him that I was cool to cook the chicken, he sauntered off to get the stuff.

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Aloo Mattar Parathas (Flatbread stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas)

By on May 25, 2016

Food blogger confession time. I hate making flatbreads of any kind. Hate the rolling pin with a vengeance. In fact whenever I think of general paratha making, I think of a Bollywood matha types, the Nirupa Roy kind of lady, who is whipping up buttered parathas and poignant one liners with equal ease. Now I am not that kind of paratha maker. I belong to the made-parathas-and-transformed-my-kitchen-into-a-flour-fest kinda gang. So I try to avoid making the stuff as much as possible.

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Pineapple Juice and Ginger Beer Mocktail

By on May 2, 2016

I know you are all fed up of me droning on and on about the heat. But sorry, peeps, it’s become the biggest talking point for everyone around me that there’s really no escaping it. To distance myself from the always heat-related and by-no-means hot conversations, I have taken to practising my hindustani music lessons endlessly or eating bowls of fruit while watching reruns of Luther. Idris Elba, you hot, hot man!!! How I wish any heat related conversations revolved around your kinda hot and not the prickly-heat kinda hot! Sigh…

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Paneer Pasta Bake

By on April 26, 2016

If there are two things that I turn to when I want to make something that defines comfort food, I turn to paneer or pasta. A hot bowl of paneer curry or a cheesy creamy pasta, with that new Game of Thrones episode, yummmmmm! Off late though, I don’t eat when I watch GOT. You never know when people will start getting off or gurgling blood with that show. Sigh!

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Choco Vanilla Cold Coffee

By on April 20, 2016

I know everyone is going on about the heat. But seriously! It’s something else this summer. And when you are stuck in heat that is so bad your hair is perennially wet and your clothes are doing a wet-rain-dance-sticky routine on you, you gotta do something about it!

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